Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mini Nepal @ Upper Dickson Road - (26th Dec 2008)

I was told that this place is very goood... not just it was featured in the newspaper, it was also mentioned by some of my frens who are into indian food... And felt it would be interesting for me. So... my dining partner and me were the only ones at the place...
so here goes it...

Papadum with mint dip

Papadum with mint dip - DSC_9808


Papadum - DSC_9806

Mix Pakoda

this has a very strange taste to it... some indian spices... but as unique it might be... it's also a taste hard to accept, for me.

Mix Pakoda - DSC_9812 copy

Mix Pakoda - DSC_9824 copy

Veg Mo:Mo

okie... this is not my cup of momo :p

Veg Mo:Mo - DSC_9832 copy

Masala Kulchha Naan

*yummy* this was quite good... I like... it's better than the usual plain naan i had before.

Masala Kulchha Naan - DSC_9845 copy

Mutton Rogan Josh

I like this, cause they had used mutton pieces with a bit of tendons in them :)

Mutton Rogan Josh - DSC_9852

Butter Naan

Butter Naan - DSC_9853

Palak Panner
This is was goood... but then I prefer the version found elsewhere.

Palak Panner - DSC_9850 copy

Mouth freshner

Mouth freshner - DSC_9858 copy

Okie... this restaurant might be great for everyone else but me. Maybe it's a different for everyone... but i just don't like.

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